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Hattam Brickwork

NTC The Exeter Based Creative Agency

Who is Hattam Brickwork? 

Hattam Brickwork is a Full-service Bricklaying Company who specilise in building bespoke premium and luxury properties.

Hattam Brickwork approached Not That Creative to help them rebrand as they felt they had out grown thier previous branding and wanted something that matched their current client base and target audience.

On completion of the rebrand, Hattam Brickwork then joined on one of our social media content packages for ongoing ogranic and paid content creation. 

Content Example

What we Did. 

Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the construction industry, we developed a strategic approach that highlighted the craftsmanship, efficiency, and reliability of Hattam Brickworks services.


Through a combination of compelling visuals, informative captions, and strategic use of content we effectively showcased their projects, expertise, and commitment to quality.


By leveraging platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn, we successfully expanded their reach, engaged with potential clients, and positioned Hattam Brickwork as a trusted leader in their local area.


Our tailored social media strategy not only amplified their brand awareness but also generated tangible leads and business growth.

What they had to say. 

I’ve recently used Nathan and his team for my social media pages and could not be more impressed with how it’s gone. Since working together Nathan has been extremely helpful and I couldn’t ask for more.

At first, I was unsure how this would go and what benefits it would have for my company but after only a short period of time I’ve had a massive amount of very positive feedback

I’m so grateful for Nathan’s help as I feel he’s now given my ”basic" social media a massive boost of character and professionalism.

Mark Hattam
Hattam Brickwork Ltd

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