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BPB Architects

NTC The Exeter Based Creative Agency

Who is BPB? 

BPB Architects is a South West-based Architectural practice. NTC was initially tasked with creating a website video to showcase the practice, their story and what they do.

Shortly after the completion of the initial project, BPB instructed The Not That Creative Agency to provide a social media package with the goal of increasing Brand Awareness and improving leads via social media.

What we Did. 

By blending Architectural expertise with creative storytelling, we crafted visually stunning posts that showcased their projects, core values as a practice, as well as industry insights and knowledge


With this campaign, the focus was on Instagram as we engaged their audience with compelling visuals and thought-provoking narratives, fostering a strong online community, driving increased brand visibility and converting followers to clients.

What they have to say.

Our engagement and following has grown hugely since working with Not That Creative. One recent example is that we recently won a new project for a new build house, the young couple had just returned from a holiday and said that they had been sitting by the pool watching our videos and discussing what they wanted to do and how they wanted to work with us so we know there is direct project winning ability from these posts. 

Barney Bonner

Director of BPB Architects

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